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Merlot Varietal Non Alcoholic Wine

40 - Merlot Varietal Non Alcoholic Wine

A rich ruby red colour followed by a nose full of blackberries with a hint of nuts in the background. A long finish rounds out this very fine wine. With your favourite cut of red meat on the barbeque and this Merlot you have a well rounded match.

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I tried the Merlot after trying both the red blend and the cabernet. I loved the deep purple color. This one was a bit sweeter than the other two, and when combined with its oakiness and tannins, is the only one that I felt like I understood when the general public complains about n/a wines, as those three elements seemed somehow separate and incongruent. That said, I would still give it four stars for presentation, value and quality, just a star below the other two reds which were, in my opinion, pretty outstanding.

Submitted by: nashvillegirl on 12/02/2019 17:47:31



Pros: Tastes like real wine

Cons: None

Until now, there has been no de-alcoholized wine worthy of the name wine. NA beers have been pretty decent for years, but NA wine has been horrible. There Carl Jung wines are a true breakthrough. They are the first NA wine I have ever had that taste like wine. I have had all the still wines except the Rose'. They are all excellent. A nice meal without wine is really missing something. No longer, I would even bring these to a good BYOB restaurant. This Cab is my favorite among the reds. The Red Premium Blend is surprisingly good and a great value. The Merlot is a bit sweeter. Among the whites, the Chardonnay is my favorite. The White Premium Varietal is also very good. The Riesling is, of course sweeter, and is just a tad sparkling. I will continue to order all six of these, in a mix that reflects my preferences. You might find the sampler special a good way to try them. By the way Ray is excellent, and great at answering questions and solving problems.

Submitted by: Carl on 14/05/2016 11:05:22



I haven?t indulged in traditional wines for over twenty years. But I loved wine, especially red wines. In fact I was once a wine taster for an upscale restaurant. But those days are gone. Naturally I?ve done tastings of every non-alcoholic wine I can lay my hands on. Never with overwhelming success. Most of they are only suitable for cooking. Or if desperate and stranded on a remote island. Then I was given a holiday gift of a Carl Jung Wine variety case. Wow! It is eminently drinkable. Superior quality for it?s genre. It?s not conceited vintage French, but it?s a celebratory and worthwhile beverage! The reds are robust, have a good nose and legs, and bring to mind the vintages they are named for. Several of my alcohol drinking friends have also enjoyed them at my dinner parties. I?ve finally found my source, my only source, for the finest of non-alcoholic wines. Price? Come?on you can?t even get a cheap table wine for the this price it?s a great value even being heavy for shipping. Thanks you!

Submitted by: Spellbinder on 04/10/2014 19:48:59

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